Furry Lewis
On the Road Again
with Bukka White and Gus Cannon

GCD 9918

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1. On the Road Again (FL)
2. My Wife is Getting Old (BW)
3. Why Don't You Come Home Blues (FL)
4. Lela (GC)
5. Oh! Babe! (FL)
6. I've Got a Bird to Whistle (FL)
7. Give Me an Old Lady (BW)
8. Furry's Worried Blues (FL)
9. Gibson Hill (BW)
10. Goin' Back to Memphis (GC)

As part of its ongoing Blues Vault Series, Adelphi Records is pleased to announce the digitally remastered CD version of On The Road Again, a complete reissue (plus one bonus track) of the songs recorded in Memphis in October, 1969, by Furry Lewis and friends Bukka White and Gus Cannon. A unique collection of traditional blues and inspired 12 bar short stories, On The Road Again is a must have for lovers of America’s most genuine music, the mother of Rock ‘n Roll.
Like other volumes in this critically acclaimed series, On The Road Again is illustrated with rare photographs and filled with information about the players’ histories and musical styles. (Original B&W cover photo made in 1972, Anaheim, CA, by Jim Marshall. Color slide of Furry below, during a break in the 1969 recording session, Memphis, TN, by G.L. Moore.)

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