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New Release!

Ken Swartz & The Palace of Sin

present their new album Smile Away the Blues on the Adelphi Records label

The new Adelphi Records shop is online, accepting credit card, Paypal, cheque and money orders.

Blues and Reggae

in Streaming Video format
from Adelphi Records

Adelphi Records has opened its tremendous film and video vaults for the enjoyment of blues and reggae fans.

Blues fans should visit the Film page for glimpses of legendary performers in action. Don't miss the Downbeat snippet (where blues great Muddy Waters accepts the 1969 Critics Award during a Labor Day Festival in Grant Park) or the photo section, which contains pictures made in Chicago, Memphis and the Delta in 1969.

Reggae fans will enjoy video clips from the '82 Sunsplash Festival (The Tribute to Bob Marley) provided by KSR Productions.

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