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Upcoming Releases

New Releases            Re-Releases        Upcoming Releases

The John Fahey "Memorial Anthology"
Tentatively titled The Middle Years
Release package to include a full length DVD and including 3 CDs of previously un-released material.
Release date - TBA, please sign up to our mailing list (New Releases) for Fahey "release" updates and preview trailer videos. (NEW RELEASE)
Paul Geremia
Then & Now

GCD 1026 - Scheduled Release Date TBA - Release in BOTH virtual CD & as digital download. (NEW RELEASE)
GCD 5000 (Jazz Series)
Re-releases from the award winning Adelphi Jazz Line including releases by internationally acclaimed  "Loft Jazz Artists" such as - Steve Lacy, Black Arthur Blythe, David Murray, Charles Tyler, Jessica Williams, and more.
Release dates -- TBA  (Please Stay Tuned)

New Releases!

Rose Sheehan
Keep On Moving Forward

GCD 1040
Release on CD from Adelphi Records
and as digital download from Amazon and iTunes.

Ken Swartz & The Palace of Sin
Smile Away the Blues
Available on CD "mail order" at the Adelphi Records store,
also available on CD directly from Amazon,
and as download from Amazon and iTunes.

New RE-Releases!

New Releases            Re-Releases        Upcoming Releases

The Charlottesville Allstars
Tip Your Waitress

GCD 4112
This re-release of the Original Adelphi LP AD 4112 is available on CD from Adelphi Records and as digital download from Amazon and iTunes, and includes no less then 5 previously unreleased performances, all newly remastered for the digital domain.
Liz Meyer
Once A Day
Re-Release from Adelphi LP AD 2009 as download on GCD 2009 through Amazon and iTunes.


Special Offer: The Charlottesville Allstars' Tip Your Waitress tee shirt is available from Adelphi Records for only $22.
It's super comfy!

Hickory Wind
At The Wednesday Nite Waltz
Re-Release from Adelphi LP AD 2002 as download on GCD 2002 through Amazon and iTunes
Rosslyn Mountain Boys
Rosslyn Mountain Boys

Re-Release from Adelphi LP AD 2010 as download on GCD 2010 through Amazon and iTunes.
Gerry Goffin
It Ain't Exactly Entertainment
Re-Release from Adelphi LP AD 4102 as download on GCD 4102 through Amazon and iTunes.
Jaime Brockett
North Mountain Velvet
Re-Release from Adelphi LP AD 1028 as download on GCD 1028 through Amazon and iTunes
Suni McGrath
Cornflower Suite

Re-Release from Adelphi LP AD 1002 as download on GCD 1002 through Amazon and iTunes
Suni McGrath
The Call of the Mourning Dove

Re-Release from Adelphi LP AD 1014 as download on GCD 1014 through Amazon and iTunes
Backwards Sam Firk
The True Blues & Gospel
Re-Release from Adelphi LP AD 1001 as download on GCD 1001 through Amazon and iTunes
John Townley
The Top Hits of 1776
Re-Release from Adelphi LP AD 4106 as download on GCD 4106 through Amazonand iTunes.
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