• Jaime Brockett - North Mountain Velvet

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At last! After many years, and much begging, Jaime's third album makes it to [CD format]. With his companions Ramblin' Jack Elliott and Ricky Skaggs, Jaime delves into the folk music style that he plays so well.

This 1974 album is the most "folksy" of the three, as Jaime successfully strives to escape from the notoriety that fell upon him with the release of his first album and the famous cult song "Legend of the USS Titanic." An excellent album, we've waited a long time for this.

Now if someone would only re-release the first two...

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1.  No Spare Parts 
2.  Bompin' Roving' Days 
3.  Second Hand Cowboy 
4.  Dulcimer Dimension Duet 
5.  South Coast 
6.  Lost My Stash 
7.  North Mountain Window Song 
8.  The Ballad Of Darcy Farrow 
9.  Rodeo Rider 
10.  I'll Be Bach In A Minute 
11.  Just Stopped By To Git A Cup Of Coffee 


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Jaime Brockett - North Mountain Velvet

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