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What with psychedelic ragtime not an identified music genre, any effort to place the work of the Holy Modal Rounders into a category is mentally strenuous, to say the least. This loose confederation of musicians, who began playing together in the early ‘60s and who continue to entertain today, albeit most casually, have always defied pigeon-holing. You just have to listen with an open mind and allow Stampfel, Weber, Remaily and friends to create their own niche in your psyche.


From the light-hearted strains of Euphoria to the to the moody, Marlene Dietrich-esque Silly Boys, composed for playwright and former group drummer Sam Shepard, Last Round is a manic, inventive tribute to American roots music. It’s like plowing (under the influence) through a crazy uncle’s 78 collection, minus the pops and hisses, to uncover a dozen lost gems.

The best known track is the classic Bird song, which first invaded the national consciousness in Easy Rider and was reworked to its creators’ satisfaction on this album. August, 1967 reminds of us of the time when we thought our minds were endlessly elastic, while God, What Am I Doing Here? may remain the only constant notion after four-plus decades.

New to this CD reissue are the final three tracks, including Snappin' Pussy, which necessitates the addition of the Parental Advisory warning. Lyrics, vintage notes and an update from Peter Stampfel are included to accompany the listener on this journey.

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1.  Euphoria 
2.  Poison Sugar  
3.  Oriental Lady 
4.  The Cold Roll 
5.  That Belly I Idolize 
6.  August 1967 (Hippies Call It STP) 
7.  If You Want To Be A Bird/Wild Blue Yonder 
8.  Pink Underwear 
9.  God, What Am I Doing Here? 
10.  Sweet William 
11.  Romping Through The Swamp 
12.  Silly Boys 
13.  TV Song 
14.  Year of Jubilo 
15.  Snappin' Pussy 


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Holy Modal Rounders - Last Round

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