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Tahuantinsuyo (tah-won-tin-soo-yo), a Quechua word, was the name the Incas gave to their Empire, and it was chosen by the group because it represents the culture from which the core of their music comes: highland South America, or the Andes. The songs played by the group come primarily from Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and northern Argentina.


The roots of Tahuantinsuyo's music are pre-Hispanic. The rhythms, harmony structures, melodies and instruments are all part of a long tradition of music played by the native South Americans. Since the Spanish arrival, the indigenous culture has naturally evolved and combined with European elements. Although its haunting sounds transcend location and time, many Spanish influences may be observed in this music. Tahuantinsuyo is a musical group dedicated to researching and performing that music which is an integral part of the heritage of most South Americans and which still lives and communicates the basic human ideas of beauty, life and spirit. (From the liner notes.)

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Songlist (with featured instruments):
1.  Ayabaquina (Quena, Charango, Guitar) 
2.  Yuyarikay (Sikus, Charango, Guitar, Bombo) 
3.  Chasquis (Ocarina, Guitar, Bombo, Erkencho) 
4.  Tierra Y Aire (Quenacho, Charango, Guitar, Bombo) 
5.  Pacarin (Pingullo, Rondador, Guitars) 
6.  Fiesta Coya (Tarkas, Bombo, Redoblante) 
7.  Danza Del Antisuyo (Quenacho, Charango, Bombo) 
8.  Kurukay (Sikus, Bombo) 
9.  El Casquimoto (Guitars, Charango, Bombo) 
10.  Cusi Tuna (Antara, Guitar, Bombo) 
11.  Llaqui-Antara (Antara, Guitar, Bombo) 
12.  Charangueando (Charango, Guitar, Bombo) 


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Tahuantinsuyo - Music of the Andes

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