• Starboard List - Songs of the Tall Ships & Cruising 'Round Yarmouth

Wherever there is hard work and hard times there is song. It lightens the labor, coordinates the muscles of dozens of men and often gives working men their only opportunity to express their feelings about the hard masters they serve.

These are the songs of the sailors who served on merchants ships during the last few hundred years. They include working shanties, songs of bravery and powerfully sentimental ballads by hard men.

We sing these songs because we like them. Our style is in sympathy with the traditional origins of this music and our own considerable experience and the love of the sea.
--From the liner notes.


Starboard List members are Charles O'Hegarty, David Jones and Peter Marston. They are assisted by friends: Brian Brooks, Dan Milner, John Townley, Christine Townley, Jerry Epstein, Tom Cerone, Sylven Seid and John Kilgore.

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1.  Early One Morning 
2.  51st Highland Division's Farewell To Sicily, The 
3.  Bark Gay Head, The 
4.  Wings Of A Gull 
5.  Cape Cod Girls 
6.  Farewell To Tarwathie 
7.  Black Ball Line 
8.  Classic Yankee Clipper 
9.  Paddy Lay Back 
10.  Columbia 
11.  Whup Jamboree 
12.  Ladies Gay 
13.  Royal Oak, The 
14.  Grey Funnel Line, The 
15.  Leave Her Johnny Leave Her 
16.  Boarding House Song, The 
17.  Yarmouth Town 
18.  Bull Gine Run 
19.  Bully In The Alley 
20.  Black Nag 
21.  Handsome Cabin Boy 
22.  Greenland Whale Fisheries 
23.  Alabama, The 
24.  Let Your Back & Sides Go Bare 
25.  High Barbaree 
26.  Emma, Emma 
27.  Step Stately 
28.  Banks Of Newfoundland 
29.  Bold Princess Royal 
30.  Cruising 'Round Yarmouth 


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Starboard List - Songs of the Tall Ships & Cruising 'Round Yarmouth

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