• Roy Book Binder - Travelin' Man

[The] songs on this record come from far away places and from men who are long gone. Some I learned from old records and some from my guitar playing friends. I'd like to thank those friends, for the good times, the good music and for their friendship.


The name on the record cover is not misspelled. In 1971, when this first collection of recordings by the artist formerly known as Roy Bookbinder was released... Well a ways down the long road, at a dry cleaners in Florida, the clerk couldn't find Mr. Bookbinder's clothes. After many efforts to understand the Yankee, the lady finally said, "Oh! You mean Book Binder!" Being the practical sort of guy, Roy decided to go with the flow on this and changed his name to Book Binder. His old friends at Adelphi understand, but we strive for purity in reissuing classic recordings on CD, so the one-word name stuck.


Otherwise, very little has changed about Roy (see the old photo at left; add a little gray hair and two pounds, three and a half ounces). His guitar playing is still impressive and his personality still sparkles. Don't miss one of his shows without a written excuse from your doctor. And to help you out, here's Roy's website, complete with tour schedule: roybookbinder.com

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1.  Travelin' Man 
2.  Delia 
3.  Biscuits 
4.  Statesboro Blues 
5.  Weeping Willow Blues 
6.  Cincinnati Flow Rag II 
7.  Baby It Must Be Love 
8.  Bye Bye Baby Blues 
9.  Never Drive a Stranger 
10.  That'll Never Happen No More 
11.  Bad Luck Blues 
12.  Mississippi Blues 
13.  Candy Man 


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Roy Book Binder - Travelin' Man

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